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Beer Maverick has compiled the largest and most extensive database of current beer hop varieties and their details. We’ve scoured the internet looking for acid percentages, cohumulone levels, hop substitutes, common beer styles and aroma profiles for over 300 of the most current and often used hops.

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Hops Purpose in Beer

What we know as hops today are actually the hop cones off the hop plant. They only grow under ideal conditions, which includes the perfect weather patterns. This is why most US hops are grown in the Pacific Northwest. The annual hop harvest brings craft brewers from all around to select and choose the hops that they will then use for the upcoming year.

Hops are used to impart bitterness and aromatic flavors to beer during the brewing process, however certain compounds added by hops also possess antimicrobial properties. The iso-alpha-acids in particular add strong antibacterial qualities against certain strands of bacteria, which help protect the finished beer from spoiling.

In historical times, “gruit” or other vegetation were used to add bitterness to beer, but were quickly replaced by hops as it was found that hops simply did a better job at keeping the beer stable and safer over longer periods of time.

All hops are classified as bittering, aroma or dual-purpose varietals, each corresponding to their typical use cases in brewing beer. In general, bittering hops are added early in the boil, aroma hops are added late in the boil and as a dry hop. Dual-purpose hops can be used at any stage of the beer production process. Aroma hops have the strongest and most intense flavors and aromas. These flavors stem from their essential oils like myrcene, humulene, and caryophyllene.

Where Did the Data Come From?

If we are asking you to trust our site full of data, we should give you as much information about how it was collected. Our hop database with well over 300 distinct cultivars was populated with data from a variety of sources, including but not limited to:

  • Hop Farms (like Crosby, BSG, Haas, etc)
  • Hop Breeders (like Hopsteiner, Great Lake Hops, HBC, Yakima Chief Ranches, NZ Hops, etc.)
  • Hop Sellers (like Yakima Valley Hops, Northern Brewer, etc)

Unfortunately, many times these sources provided information that was different or blatantly contradictory for the same hop. In many cases (like for alpha acids, oils) we simply expanded the range of that particular value we provide to you. This should create the most accurate average found anywhere online.

We’ve normalized a lot of non-numerical data as well. All aroma tags, countries, IDs, beer styles and hop names have been normalized throughout our full database. We can safely say that this database is the most extensive and most accurate of any hop DB anywhere.

Beer Maverick has complete information on just about every hop ever used in brewing beer. From the most popular like Citra and Centennial hops, to the newest like unnamed USDA varietals.

Hop Information Available as API

In creating our own products, we also developed a robust API to deliver the data. While the API is currently only available for internal use, we may consider opening up access to it if a business case arises. Please contact us to find out more.

The Hoplist – Hops by Country of Origin

All 300+ hops we’ve compiled data on have been broken down by their common country of origin. Click on each hop to view its brewing values as well as aroma profiles, substitutes, and commonly paired hops.


Astra, Eclipse, Ella, Enigma, Feux-Coeur Francais, Galaxy, Helga, HPA-016, Melba, Pride of Ringwood, Summer, Super Pride, Sylva, Topaz, Vic Secret & Vienna Gold


Canadian Redvine, Lumberjack, Sasquatch & Wild Loyalist


Marco Polo & Tsingdao Flower

Czech Replublic

Agnus, Amethyst, Bohemie, Boomerang, Bor, Gaia, Harmonie, Kazbek, Mimosa, Premiant, Saaz (CZ), Saaz Late, Sládek & Vital


Aramis, Barbe Rouge, Bouclier, Elixir, Mistral, Petit Blanc, Strisselspalt, Tardif de Bourgogne & Triskel


Akoya, Ariana, Aurum, Brewer's Gold (GR), Callista, Diamant, Hallertau Blanc, Hallertau Gold, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Hallertau Tradition, Herkules, Hersbrucker, Huell Melon, Hüller Bitterer, Magnum (GR), Mandarina Bavaria, Merkur, Monroe, Northern Brewer (GR), Opal, Orion, Perle (GR), Polaris, Relax, Saphir, Smaragd, Solero, Spalt, Spalter Select, Tango, Tettnanger, Wurttemberg & Yellow Sub


Golden Star, Sorachi Ace & Toyomidori

New Zealand

Brooklyn, Dr. Rudi, Green Bullet, HORT9909, Kohatu, Motueka, Moutere, Nectaron, Nelson Sauvin, NZH-107, Pacific Gem, Pacific Jade, Pacific Sunrise, Pacifica, Rakau, Riwaka, Smooth Cone, Southern Cross, Sticklebract, Taiheke, Wai-iti, Waimea & Wakatu


Junga, Limbus, Lubelska, Magnat, Marynka, Pulawski, Sybilla & Zula


Apolon, Atlas, Aurora, Bobek, Cekin, Celeia, Dana, Styrian Cardinal, Styrian Dragon, Styrian Eagle, Styrian Fox, Styrian Golding, Styrian Kolibri & Styrian Wolf

South Africa

African Queen, Southern Aroma, Southern Brewer, Southern Dawn, Southern Passion, Southern Promise, Southern Star, Southern Sublime, Southern Tropic & XJA2/436



United Kingdom

Admiral, Archer, Beata, Boadicea, Bramling Cross, Challenger, Defender, East Kent Goldings, Endeavour, Epic, Ernest, First Gold, Flyer, Fuggle, Godiva, Hallertau Taurus, Harlequin, Herald, Jester, Minstrel, Mystic, Olicana, Omega, Phoenix, Pilgrim, Pilot, Pioneer, Progress, Sovereign, Sussex, Target, Whitbread Golding Variety (WGV) & Yeoman

United States of America

Adeena, Ahhhroma, Ahtanum, Aloha Blend, Altus, Amarillo, Apollo, Aquila, Arcadian, Azacca, Banner, Belma, Bergamot, Bianca, Bitter Gold, Bravo, Brewer's Gold (US), BRU-1, Bullion, Buzz Bullets, Caliente, Calypso, Cascade, Cashmere, Centennial, Chelan, Chinook, Citra, Cluster, Cluster Fugget Blend, Columbia, Columbus, Comet, Contessa, Crystal, CTZ, Delta, Diamond Springs, Ekuanot, El Dorado, Emerald Spire, Equinox, Eroica, Eureka, Evergreen Blend, Falconer's Flight, Falconer's Flight 7CS, Fantasia Blend, Galena, Gemini, Glacier, Golding, Grungeist, Hallertau (US), Hartwick, HBC 472, HBC 586, HBC 630, HBC 692, Helios, Horizon, Hydra, Idaho 7, Idaho Gem, Independence, Jarrylo, Lambic, Lawton, Lemondrop, Liberty, Loral, Lotus, Mackinac, Magnum (US), McKenzie, Medusa, Meridian, Michigan Copper, Millennium, Mosaic, Mount Hood, Mount Rainier, Multihead, Newport, Nobility Blend, Northdown, Northern Brewer (US), Nugget, Old Mission, Olympic, Pacific Crest, Pahto, Palisade, Paradigm, Pekko, Perle (US), Petoskey, Prussian, Saaz (US), Sabro, Samba, Santiam, Satus, Saugatuck, Sequoia Blend, Shaddock, Simcoe, Sitiva Blend, Sonnet, Sterling, Sticky Fingers Blend, Stirling, Strata, Sultana (Denali), Summit, Sun, Sunbeam, Super Galena, Tahoma, Talisman, Talus, Teamaker, Tettnang (US), Tillicum, TNT Blend, Tomahawk, Trident, TriplePearl, Triumph, Tropica, Ultra, USDA 008, Vanguard, Vista, Walhalla, Warrior, Wild Wolf, Willamette, X13459, Yakima Cluster, Yakima Gold, YQH-1380, Zamba Blend, Zappa, Zenia, Zenith, Zeus & Zythos

If you see an error in our data, please let us know!

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Beer Maverick has compiled the largest and most complete hop database anywhere online. We've spent days looking up substitutions, flavor profiles and acid and oil levels. Browse all hops »