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Beer Maverick has compiled the largest database of current hop varieties and the details about each of them. We’ve scoured the internet looking for Co-Humulone levels, hop substitutes, common beer styles and flavor profiles for over 200 current and often used hops.

Hops Purpose in Beer

Hops are used to impart bitterness and aromatic flavors to beer, however certain compounds added by hops also possess antimicrobial properties. The iso-alpha-acids in particular add strong antibacterial qualities against certain strands of bacteria.

In historical times, “gruit” or other vegetation were used to add bitterness to beer, but were quickly replaced by hops as it was found that hops simply did a better job at keeping the beer stable and safer over longer periods of time.

All hops are classified as bittering, aroma or dual-purpose varietals, each corresponding to their typical use cases in brewing beer. In general, bittering hops are added early in the boil, aroma hops are added late in the boil and as a dry hop. Dual-purpose hops can be used at any stage of the beer production process.

Hops by Country of Origin

All 200+ hops we’ve compiled data on have been broken down by their common country of origin. Click on each hop to view its brewing values as well as aroma profiles, substitutes, and commonly paired hops.


EllaEnigmaFeux-Coeur FrancaisGalaxyHelgaPride of RingwoodSummerSuper PrideSylvaTopazVic Secret


Marco PoloTsingdao Flower


AgnusBoomerangBorGaiaHarmonieKazbekMimosaPremiantSaaz (CZ)SládekVital


AramisBarbe RougeBouclierElixirMistralStrisselspaltTardif de BourgogneTriskel


AkoyaArianaAurumBrewer's Gold (GR)CallistaHallertau BlancHallertau GoldHallertau MittelfrühHallertau TraditionHerkulesHersbruckerHuell MelonHuller BittererMagnum (GR)Mandarina BavariaMerkurMonroeNorthern Brewer (GR)OpalOrionPerle (GR)PolarisRelaxSaphirSmaragdSoleroSpaltSpalter SelectTettnanger


Sorachi Ace

New Zealand

BrooklynDr. RudiGreen BulletKohatuMotuekaMoutereNectaronNelson SauvinPacific GemPacific JadePacific SunrisePacificaRakauRiwakaSouthern CrossSticklebractTaihekeWai-itiWaimeaWakatu


JungaLimbusLublinMagnatMarynkaPolish LublinSybillaZula


AuroraBobekCeleiaDanaStyrian GoldingStyrian Wolf

South Africa

African QueenSouthern BrewerSouthern DawnSouthern PassionSouthern PromiseSouthern StarXJA2/436

United Kingdom

AdmiralArcherBoadiceaBramling CrossChallengerEast Kent GoldingsEndeavourEpicFirst GoldFuggleGodivaHallertau TaurusHeraldJesterMinstrelOmegaPhoenixPilgrimPilotPioneerProgressSovereignSussexTargetWhitbread Golding Variety (WGV)Yeoman

United States of America

AhtanumAltusAmarilloApolloAquilaAzaccaBannerBelmaBitter GoldBravoBrewer's Gold (US)BRU-1BullionBuzz BulletsCalienteCalypsoCascadeCashmereCentennialChelanChinookCitraClusterColumbiaColumbusCometContessaCrystalCTZDeltaEkuanotEl DoradoEquinoxEroicaEurekaFalconer's FlightFalconer's Flight 7CSGalenaGlacierGoldingGreensburgGrungeistHallertau (US)HBC 472HBC 692HorizonIdaho 7Idaho GemIndependenceJarrylloLambicLemondropLibertyLoralLotusMackinacMagnum (US)MedusaMeridianMichigan CopperMillenniumMosaicMount HoodMount RainierNewportNorthdownNorthern Brewer (US)NuggetOlympicPacific CrestPahtoPalisadeParadigmPekkoPerle (US)Saaz (US)SabroSambaSantiamSatusSimcoeSterlingStrataSultanaSummitSunSuper GalenaTahomaTalismanTalusTettnang (US)TomahawkTridentTriplePearlTriumphTropicaUltraVanguardWarriorWillametteX13459Yakima ClusterZappaZeniaZenithZeusZythos

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