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Beer & Grain Color Calculators

Beer and grain colors come in almost as many varieties as the colors themselves.

Lovibond, EBC, MCU and SRM (Standard Reference Method), are all methods to describe the specific color of grains or beer. Some are more common than others, but you may run across one method and need to convert it to another.

This page full of conversion calculators aims to fill that need. These calculators will all take the value of one method, then convert it to another. We also show you the estimated color of the beer or grain.

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All-in-One Beer Color Converter

Quickly convert SRM (Standard Reference Method), Degrees Lovibond and EBC (European Beer Color) beer colors to the other values.

Lovibond (°L)
  (Hex Color: #FBB123)

Convert Lovibond to SRM

Lovibond is an older way of showing a grain or beer’s color. Use this calculator to change Lovibond (°L) to SRM.

Convert SRM to Lovibond

Many grains still describe their colors with the outdated Lovibond rating. Use this calculator to convert the newer SRM value to Lovibond.

Convert SRM to EBC

If you live in Europe, chances are you prefer the EBC color rating. Use this calculator to convert the US value of SRM to the EBC value.

Convert EBC to SRM

Occasionally you may find English malts and grains described with their EBC color number. Use this calculator to convert the EBC color to its SRM equivalent.

Convert Lovibond to EBC

Lovibond is an old method for displaying color of grains and beer, but you may find some American malts using this outdated value. Use this calculator to convert the degrees Lovibond color to its EBC equivalent.

Convert EBC to Lovibond

If you are in Europe, you are probably familiar with the EBC method, but see foreign grains being described with a Lovibond value. Use this calculator to convert EBC to Lovibond.