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Many hop varieties share characteristics. However, some of these qualities — such as alpha-acids, oil content, and flavors — are not similar enough; you probably shouldn't use them interchangeably. Find data-driven substitutions for your favorite hops with this tool. Learn more...

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How to Use

After choosing your hop in the dropdown, you will be presented with four lists of hops. The first will be any manually-chosen replacements if your hop has any. The other lists will be from our calculations that are powered by over 70 different values for over 250 total hops. While specific hops may be either aroma, bittering or dual-purpose, we've decided to give you as much information as possible to make your decision on. The percentage to the right of the lists shows you how "similar" that hop is to your chosen one. While high-nineties are usually all good, we ususally want to look for hops that are at least 98% similar for replacement.

Values Compared

We used over 70 different values to help identify the best replacement hops on the market today. These are just some of the values we used to help us in our calculations.

  • Alpha Acids: Average, Minimum, Maximum
  • Beta Acids: Average, Minimum, Maximum
  • Cohumulone % of Alpha: Average, Minimum, Maximum
  • Total Oil Content (mL/100g): Average, Minimum, Maximum
  • Average Essential Oil Content Average %: Myrcene, Humulone, Carphyllene and Farsense
  • Purpose: Aroma = 1, Dual = 2, Bittering = 3
  • Country of Origin: Each country was given a tier number to help group countries like New Zealand and Australia together.
  • Aroma Tags: Popular tags were each given a number.
  • Aroma Radar Chart Scores: Citrus, Tropical Fruit, Stone Fruit, Berry, Grassy, Herbal, Spicy, Pine, Floral