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Brix, Plato & Specific Gravity Converter

In general, the terms degrees Brix, degrees Plato and degrees Balling are all interchangeable. All three scales express the weight percentage of sugar solutions and relate this weight to specific gravity. Our calculator converts one value to another and while also providing maximum and expected ABV%.

Starter Gravity & Volume Calculator

It is important to have the gravity of your starter within the range of 1.030-1.040 specific gravity (SG). Having a starter of this gravity will promote healthy yeast growth without introducing too much unneeded stress. In addition to the original graivty, our calculator also estimates the volume of your starter.

Beer & Grain Color Conversions

LovibondEBCMCU and SRM (Standard Reference Method), are all methods to describe the specific color of grains or beer. Some are more common than others, but you may run across one method and need to convert it to another.