Beer Maverick

Beer Brewing Tools

Here at Beer Maverick, we take great pride in creating some of the most innovative and useful tools ever created for the brewing community. We’ve spent countless hours researching marketing materials, websites and research papers on everything we build.

Our hop and yeast databases are the largest and most extensive databases ever built, and they continually are added to as we find new information.

Our Hop Tools

Hop Comparison Wizard

Use our wizard to compare up to three hops with each other. We provide detailed information on their acid and oil content as well as their perceived aromas and flavors.

Data-Driven Hop Substitutions

We used over 70 different values to help identify the best replacement hops on the market today. This tool should provide more accurate substitutions for all old and new hop varieties.

Hop Substitution Chart

Hop substitutions need to be chosen carefully. The alpha and beta acid contents should be close to ensure the bitterness and stability is similar. Hops also have different essential oil percentages, which will change the flavor and aromas. These oils should also be close when swapping one hop for another, but these are only essential to keep aromas similar.

Our Beer Yeast Tools

Yeast Comparison Wizard

Use our wizard to compare up to three yeasts with each other. We provide detailed comparison data on their attenuation, flocculation, temperature and alcohol ranges.

Yeast Substitution Chart

Yeast substitutions need to be chosen carefully. The alcohol tolerance, temperature range and flavors need to be similar.

Our Calculators

Brix, Plato & Specific Gravity Converter

In general, the terms degrees Brix, degrees Plato and degrees Balling are all interchangeable. All three scales express the weight percentage of sugar solutions and relate this weight to specific gravity. Our calculator converts one value to another and while also providing maximum and expected ABV%.

Starter Gravity & Volume Calculator

It is important to have the gravity of your starter within the range of 1.030-1.040 specific gravity (SG). Having a starter of this gravity will promote healthy yeast growth without introducing too much unneeded stress. In addition to the original graivty, our calculator also estimates the volume of your starter.

Beer & Grain Color Conversions

LovibondEBCMCU and SRM (Standard Reference Method), are all methods to describe the specific color of grains or beer. Some are more common than others, but you may run across one method and need to convert it to another.