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Vienna Gold Hop

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Country:Australia (AUS)

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This hop was discontinued and it is not available for purchase.

Origin and Geneology of the Vienna Gold Hop

Some suggest the Vienna Gold hop is the same as Cluster.

Flavor & Aroma Profile of Vienna Gold Hops

Vienna Gold is a dual-purpose hop that can be used in all hop additions throughout the brewing process.

Vienna Gold is a hop variety that was grown widely in Australia several decades ago. However, due to the arrival of higher alpha varieties like Pride of Ringwood, it became less fashionable and was eventually discontinued. Vienna Gold is a highly vigorous growing variety that produces high yields of flowers and is easy to grow. This hop is not available commercially and is now only grown by homebrewers. It has a flavor similar to a German noble hop.

Tags: #noble  #fruity  #passion_fruit 

Brewing Values for Vienna Gold Hops

These are the common ranges that we've seen with Vienna Gold hops over the years. Each year's crop can yield hops that have slightly different qualities, so these number ranges are based on history.

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Alpha Acid % (AA)
Alpha acids are the main source of bitterness in beer. Longer boil times will result in isomerization of more alpha acids leading to increased bitterness. Learn more »
8% avg
Beta Acid %Beta acids are a component of hop resins responsible for contributing volatile aromatic and flavor properties. Beta acids contribute no bitterness.Unknown