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Saugatuck Hop

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Country:United States of America (USA)
Ownership:™ Great Lake Hops

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Saugatuck hops are available to be purchased from multiple suppliers. We've conveniently linked to the most popular hop suppliers as well as Every supplier may have different prices, harvest years and amounts available for purchase.

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Origin and Geneology of the Saugatuck Hop

Saugatuck is a "field grade" hop created by Great Lake Hops (GLH).

US hops begin to be harvested in mid-to-late August for most aroma varieties.

Flavor & Aroma Profile of Saugatuck Hops

Saugatuck is an aroma hop that is typically used in only late boil additions, including dry hopping.

Not much is written about the Saugatuck hop from GLH, but their description mentions that it is "fragrant", and hard to pin down but pleasant and interesting.

Brewing Values for Saugatuck Hops

These are the common ranges that we've seen with Saugatuck hops over the years. Each year's crop can yield hops that have slightly different qualities, so these number ranges are based on history.

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Alpha Acid % (AA)
Alpha acids are the main source of bitterness in beer. Longer boil times will result in isomerization of more alpha acids leading to increased bitterness. Learn more »
5.4% avg
Beta Acid %Beta acids are a component of hop resins responsible for contributing volatile aromatic and flavor properties. Beta acids contribute no bitterness.3.27%
3.3% avg