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Beer hops are known to have hundreds of different flavors and aromas.

Every hop is unique in it's flavor profiles. Some hops are intense, while others are mild. Some are fruity while others are more resinous and pine flavored.

Search our database of over 250 hops by specific aroma and flavor descriptors.


These tags are not exactly aromas, but more of certain qualities that some hops exhibit.


Many "new world" hops have extreme citrus flavors that primarily lean towards orange and grapefruit aromas. Many American and Southern Hemisphere hops have mild-to-strong citrus flavors. The hops in this category usually have high amounts of alpha-terpineol, limonene, linalool, citral and decanal hop oils.


Fruit flavors in hops are usually broken down into Tropical Fruit, Stone Fruits, Green Fruits and Berries. While some hops have those generic flavors attached to them, more often than not they have specific fruits that they are associated with.


Hops are a part of the floral Genus, and thus share a lot of characteristics with other flowering plants. Hops that have these aromas usually have high amounts of rose oxide, geraniol, geraniol acetate, citronellol and neral oils.


Many hops have strong pine or resinous flavors and aromas. However, there are plenty more that have other less-obvious flavors like leather, cedar and whisky. Hops that have these aromas usually have high amounts of humulene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, farnesene, carvacrol and beta-caryophyllene oils.

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