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Hop Aroma: Pineapple

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Beer Maverick has found 25 hops that have been classified as having Pineapple aroma and/or flavor characteristics. The most popular secondary descriptors of this subset of hops are citrus (15), tropical_fruit (10), passion_fruit (7), orange (6) & herbal (6).

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Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: GER  •  αA: 9-13%  •  βA: 4.5-6%  •  CoH: 40-42%  •  Oils: 1.6-2.4 mL/100g

Ariana hops have key flavors that include passion fruit, pineapple, jasmine and tangerine. It is also fruity, with intense berry character of black currant and gooseberry. Also has citrus high notes (particularly grapefruit) with slight resinous and herbal tones...

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, tangerine, passion_fruit, jasmine, herbal, fruity & gooseberry.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 14-16%  •  βA: 4.0-5.5%  •  CoH: 38-45%  •  Oils: 1.6-2.5 mL/100g

Azacca has an amazingly refreshing aroma. It's descriptions usually include aromas and flavors of mango, papaya, orange, grapefruit, lemon, pine, spice, pineapple, grassy, tropical fruit, and citrus. However, the Azacca hop has a very delicate hop aroma that can be easily overpowered by other hops a...

Other aroma descriptors include mango, papaya, orange, grapefruit, lemon, spicy, grassy, tropical_fruit & citrus.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 8.5-12.1%  •  βA: 4-8%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: 1-2.5 mL/100g

Belma has been tested as a dual-use hop and found to have an ambrosial mix of orange, melon, strawberry and pineapple with a slight hint of grapefruit...

Other aroma descriptors include orange, melon, strawberry, grapefruit, berry, citrus & tropical_fruit.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 13-15%  •  βA: 8-10%  •  CoH: 35-37%  •  Oils: 1.5-2 mL/100g

BRU-1 hops offer true pineapple flavor. BRU-1 is notable for its distinct sweet fruit aroma that is often described as pineapple. When used as a whirlpool or dry hop addition, BRU-1 delivers the aroma of freshly cut pineapple and green fruits. BRU-1 is synergistic with other hops creating a depth of...

Other aroma descriptors include green_fruit & fruity.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: SLO  •  αA: 8-15%  •  βA: 3.2-4.6%  •  CoH: 31-37%  •  Oils: 3.0-4.0 mL/100g

Cardinal hops are known to have a typical citrus and fruity notes as well as a harmonious flavor....

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, gooseberry, orange, lime, jasmine & guava.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 5-9%  •  βA: 3-4%  •  CoH: 40%  •  Oils: 1.0-2.0 mL/100g

The aroma of the Columbia hop is similar to that of Chinook, but not as strong. It includes crisp pineapple, bright and pungent lemon-citrus notes....

Other aroma descriptors include lemon, citrus, noble & pungent.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: AUS  •  αA: 11-16%  •  βA: 5-6.9%  •  CoH: 32-42%  •  Oils: 2.4-5.0 mL/100g

Galaxy hops have one of the highest concentrations of essential oils known in hops, which has contributed to its meteoric rise in popularity. Galaxy is often described as having a strong passion fruit aroma and flavor as well as blasts of citrus and peach. At times, you can also experience pineapple...

Other aroma descriptors include passion_fruit, citrus, peach, tropical_fruit, cannabis & dank.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 12-15.5%  •  βA: 7.2-8.7%  •  CoH: 36-40%  •  Oils: 0.9-2.1 mL/100g

Aroma descriptors of the Galena hop include sweet fruits, pear, pineapple, blackcurrant, grapefruit, lime, gooseberry and spicy wood....

Other aroma descriptors include fruity, pear, black_currant, grapefruit, lime, gooseberry, spicy & woody.

Hallertau Blanc

Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: GER  •  αA: 9-12%  •  βA: 4.0-7.0%  •  CoH: 22-35%  •  Oils: 0.8-2.2 mL/100g

The Hallertau Blanc hop has moderate to strong featuring pineapple, gooseberry, white grape, fresh lemongrass, and passion fruit flavors and aromas. It is reminiscent of many recent Southern Hemisphere varieties, but with a cleaner, less dank profile....

Other aroma descriptors include gooseberry, white_wine, grapes, lemongrass, passion_fruit, clean & sauvignon_blanc.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: UK  •  αA: 9-12%  •  βA: 7-9%  •  CoH: 27-31%  •  Oils: 1.0-1.6 mL/100g

The Harlequin hop excels when used in late and dry hopping but also offers smooth bittering characteristics....

Other aroma descriptors include passion_fruit & peach.

Idaho Gem

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 11-14%  •  βA: 5-7%  •  CoH: 40-45%  •  Oils: 1.3-2.3 mL/100g

Named after its home state, Idaho Gem has rich levels of sweet, fruit-forward aromatic oils make Idaho Gem optimal for late kettle additions or dry hopping in a wide variety of styles, whether alone or in a blend. Idaho Gem shines with stone fruit, red berry, citrus, mojito, mint, and even powder...

Other aroma descriptors include cherry, candied_fruit, herbal, spicy, mint, citrus, stone_fruit, redberry, mojito & sweet.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: GER  •  αA: 12-16.2%  •  βA: 4.5-7.3%  •  CoH: 17-20%  •  Oils: 2-3 mL/100g

Merkur has aroma descriptors that include sugar, pineapple and mint. In some dual-purpose applications, Merkur displays subtle earth and citrus notes....

Other aroma descriptors include sugar, mint, citrus & earthy.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: NZ  •  αA: 9.5-12%  •  βA: 4.5-5.0%  •  CoH: 26-28%  •  Oils: 1.0-1.7 mL/100g

Nectaron has intense tropical fruit and citrus aroma characters evident during selection. Over successive commercial brewing trials in styles such as Strong Pale Ales and India Pale Ales, Nectaron has displayed high levels of tropical fruit characters of pineapple and passionfruit as well as stone f...

Other aroma descriptors include tropical_fruit, citrus, passion_fruit, peach, grapefruit & nectar.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 9.5-16%  •  βA: 3.0-5.8%  •  CoH: 22-30%  •  Oils: 0.9-3.3 mL/100g

Nugget is an excellent high-alpha bittering hop for most craft styles that can also be used for its mild, pleasant and herbal aroma notes....

Other aroma descriptors include herbal, citrus, ginger, geranium, lychee, herbal, earthy & coconut.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 13-16%  •  βA: 3.5-4.3%  •  CoH: 27-30%  •  Oils: 2.1-2.7 mL/100g

The Pekko hop is an intriguing mix of flavors like mint, pear, citrus, cucumber and floral aspects. Pekko's complex and clean characteristics of floral, citrus, and mint lend itself to many styles of beer....

Other aroma descriptors include pleasant, floral, citrus, mint, herbal, mellow, thyme, cucumber, sage & lemon.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: GER  •  αA: 18-23%  •  βA: 4.5-6.5%  •  CoH: 22-29%  •  Oils: 4-5 mL/100g

Polaris hops have aroma descriptors that include mint, pineapple and menthol....

Other aroma descriptors include mint & menthol.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 8-12%  •  βA: 4-6%  •  CoH: 28-32%  •  Oils: 1.5-2.5 mL/100g

Complex aroma characterized by juicy tropical fruits (pineapple, mango), stone fruits, candy, and orange tangerine....

Other aroma descriptors include tropical_fruit, mango, stone_fruit, candy & orange.

Southern Star

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: SA  •  αA: 12-18.6%  •  βA: 4-7.5%  •  CoH: 25-31%  •  Oils: 1.4-1.7 mL/100g

This hop offers clean, crisp and efficient bittering with slight berry, floral and citrus notes. Detailed aroma descriptors include pineapple, blueberries, tangerine, tropical fruit, passion fruit, quince, pear, cassis, rose petals, orange and coffee....

Other aroma descriptors include quince, berry, floral, citrus, tangerine, tropical_fruit, passion_fruit, pear, cassis, rose, orange & coffee.

Southern Tropic

Purpose: Bittering  •  Country: SA  •  αA: 12.6-18.1%  •  βA: 5-6.5%  •  CoH: 26-30%  •  Oils: 1.3 mL/100g

Southern Tropic is very fruit forward with sweet fruits of mango, plums, and grapefruit. Some brewers have described an aroma similar to Kool-Aid or Juicy Fruit. This hop works well with all hop-forward beers where tropical fruit characteristics are desired....

Other aroma descriptors include melon, troical_fruit, guava, butterscotch, lemongrass, coconut, pungent, bubblegum & citrus.

Styrian Fox

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: SLO  •  αA: 5.7-12%  •  βA: 2.1-4%  •  CoH: 26-30%  •  Oils: 0.4-1.7 mL/100g

Styrian Fox is one of the latest Styrian hops on the market. When brewed, expect floral and fruity notes. Some brewers even say they get hints of pepper and mild tobacco flavours from this hop unique strain....

Other aroma descriptors include black_currant, lemongrass, marjoram, elderflower, tropical_fruit, pine, citrus & honey.

Styrian Kolibri

Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: SLO  •  αA: 4-6%  •  βA: 2.8-5.4%  •  CoH: 21-25%  •  Oils: 1.0-2.0 mL/100g

When Styrian Kolibri was used by craft brewers, they have noticed very attractive floral notes in a range of beer varieties....

Other aroma descriptors include elderflower, black_currant, green_tea, grass & cannabis.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 13-16%  •  βA: 3.5-7%  •  CoH: 22-26%  •  Oils: 2.5-4.5 mL/100g

Sultana was formerly called Denali, however it is also called Nuggetzilla by some. This hop is rich in pineapple, citrus (often perceived as lemon), and pine flavors, though it can often come off as spicy as well....

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, pine, spicy, lemon & tropical_fruit.

Super Galena

Purpose: Bittering  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 13-16%  •  βA: 8-10%  •  CoH: 35-40%  •  Oils: 0.8-2.5 mL/100g

Super Galena hops have aroma descriptors that include sweet fruits, pear, pineapple, blackcurrant, grapefruit, lime, gooseberry and spicy wood. Super Galena is comparable to Galena in its aroma and bitterness profile, but offers a substantially higher yield and complete resistance to all current hop...

Other aroma descriptors include grassy, spicy, pear, grapefruit, gooseberry, honey & juniper.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 8.8%  •  βA: 3%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: 1.4 mL/100g

Mighty Axe’s custom growing practices create Tropica’s distinct tropical character....

Other aroma descriptors include mandarin, orange, tropical_fruit & dank.

Vic Secret

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: AUS  •  αA: 14-21.8%  •  βA: 5.7-8.7%  •  CoH: 51-57%  •  Oils: 1.9-2.8 mL/100g

Vic Secret is an Australian hop known for its bright tropical character of pineapple, pine, and passion fruit. Other aroma descriptors include tropical fruit, pine and herbs. It displays a more earthy character when added late in the boil, but is now commonly added as a whirlpool or dry hop in IPAs....

Other aroma descriptors include tropical_fruit, pine, passion_fruit, herbal & earthy.

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