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Hop Aroma: Lime

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Beer Maverick has found 26 hops that have been classified as having Lime aroma and/or flavor characteristics. The most popular secondary descriptors of this subset of hops are citrus (16), floral (11), lemon (9), peach (9) & orange (8).

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Purpose: Bittering  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 15-20.5%  •  βA: 5.5-8%  •  CoH: 23-28%  •  Oils: 0.8-2.5 mL/100g

Apollo is a super high-alpha variety with a low cohumulone level that makes it an excellent bittering hop. When Apollo is used toward the end of the boil it can contribute flavors and aromas of citrus (lime), grapefruit, orange, pine, resin, and cannabis....

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, grapefruit, orange, pine, resin, cannabis, lemon & dank.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: UK  •  αA: 4-6%  •  βA: 2-3%  •  CoH: 32-38%  •  Oils: 0.6-0.8 mL/100g

Archer hops are said to have delicate and soft apricot, floral, lime and peach aromas. It combines classic assertive British aroma with a citrus twist. This hop can be useful when used as a dry hop addition....

Other aroma descriptors include apricot, floral, citrus & peach.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: SLO  •  αA: 5-11%  •  βA: 4-4%  •  CoH: 36-38%  •  Oils: 1.3-1.6 mL/100g

Atlas has intense aroma notes of lime, floral (blossom) and pine....

Other aroma descriptors include floral & pine.

Barbe Rouge

Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: FR  •  αA: 3.8-10%  •  βA: 3.3-4.6%  •  CoH: 24-28%  •  Oils: 1.1-3.0 mL/100g

The Barbe Rouge hop is an aroma variety that features notes of citrus fruit and fine red berries. Kumquat, orange, lime, redcurrant, strawberry, and raspberry are all represented in Barbe Rouge’s delicate aromatic attributes....

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, kumquat, orange, redcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, floral, berry & herbal.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 8-10.7%  •  βA: 6-8.9%  •  CoH: 39-40%  •  Oils: 2.27 mL/100g

Bergamot subtly nicknamed "O.A.F." by the brewers in the GLH Brew Group that have crafted incredible first round trial brews with this hop. There is no lack of orange in this hop. You won't need to garnish your beer with an orange slice ever again. ...

Other aroma descriptors include orange, mango, dank, cherry, zest, lemongrass, juniper, tropical_fruit, pepper & floral.


Purpose: Bittering  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 13-18%  •  βA: 3-5.5%  •  CoH: 28-35%  •  Oils: 1.6-3.5 mL/100g

The Bravo hops have aroma descriptors include orange, vanilla and floral. It is an excellent bittering variety and can provide pleasant fruit and sweet floral aroma characteristics in some applications....

Other aroma descriptors include orange, vanilla, floral & fruity.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 12-16%  •  βA: 5-6%  •  CoH: 38-42%  •  Oils: 1.5-2.5 mL/100g

The Calypso hop has a crisp and fruity aroma. Flavors of apples, pears, stone fruit and lime citrus also are noted....

Other aroma descriptors include fruity, apple, pear, stone_fruit, citrus & peach.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 7.7-9.1%  •  βA: 3.3-7.1%  •  CoH: 22-24%  •  Oils: 1.2-1.4 mL/100g

Cashmere has a complex and intensely fruity aroma, with strong overtones of lemon, lime, peach, and melon. Secondary notes of coconut, lemongrass, candy, and herbs can show through in whirlpool or dry hop additions...

Other aroma descriptors include fruity, lemon, peach, melon, coconut, lemongrass, candy & herbal.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 10-15%  •  βA: 3-4.5%  •  CoH: 20-35%  •  Oils: 1.5-3 mL/100g

The Citra hop is a high alpha acid hop with a strong, yet smooth floral and citrus aroma and flavor. It has specific aroma descriptors that include grapefruit, citrus, peach, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee and a smooth bitterness when added to the boil. Citra hops have become one ...

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, grapefruit, peach, melon, floral, gooseberry, passion_fruit & lychee.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 13-15.5%  •  βA: 4-5.5%  •  CoH: 31-38%  •  Oils: 2-4.5 mL/100g

Ekuanot has fruity aromatics such as lemon, lime, pithy orange, tropical fruit, berry, papaya, and sometimes apple. Along with these there may be more herbal notes, such as sage and eucalyptus....

Other aroma descriptors include lemon, orange, tropical_fruit, berry, papaya, apple, sage, eucalyptus, herbal, melon, citrus & guava.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: UK  •  αA: 5-10.6%  •  βA: 3.8-5.3%  •  CoH: 30-36%  •  Oils: 1.1-1.8 mL/100g

Complex blackcurrant, loganberry and spice notes best describe Endeavour's aroma, with a wonderful grapefruit and lime flavour. It is gentler than Cascade....

Other aroma descriptors include black_currant, loganberry, spicy & grapefruit.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 12-15.5%  •  βA: 7.2-8.7%  •  CoH: 36-40%  •  Oils: 0.9-2.1 mL/100g

Aroma descriptors of the Galena hop include sweet fruits, pear, pineapple, blackcurrant, grapefruit, lime, gooseberry and spicy wood....

Other aroma descriptors include fruity, pear, pineapple, black_currant, grapefruit, gooseberry, spicy & woody.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: NZ  •  αA: 6-10%  •  βA: 3-4%  •  CoH: 27-29%  •  Oils: 1.9 mL/100g

Hort9909 is a trial variety with pronounced forward citrus characters of lemon and lime, sweet hay and spices background in keeping with the selections breeding. ...

Other aroma descriptors include hay, sweet, spicy, citrus, lemon, noble, black_pepper & pine.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 10.5-13.7%  •  βA: 6.4-7.9%  •  CoH: 27-28%  •  Oils: 1.9 mL/100g

Originally nicknamed "Befuddlement" for it's unique yet unidentifiable characteristics, Hydra has emerged with an incredible ability to amplify and juice up a brew. Hydra can not only accentuate other hops characteristics but can easily shine solo. ...

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, tangerine, mandarin, zest, resin, berry, peach, watermelon, rose, apricot & tropical_fruit.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 15-17%  •  βA: 6-7.5%  •  CoH: 34-37%  •  Oils: 3.6-4.3 mL/100g

Jarryllo hops have aroma descriptors that include strong lemon lime, orange, pear, banana and mild spice. Some reviewers also notice a clean bright white wine aroma....

Other aroma descriptors include lemon, orange, pear, spicy, banana & white_wine.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 3-5%  •  βA: 5-6.5%  •  CoH: 35-49%  •  Oils: 0.4-0.7 mL/100g

Medusa delivers strong flavor and aroma characteristics of intense guava, melon, apricot and citrus fruit. Also has intense lemon-lime flavors with subtle alfalfa and peach flavors....

Other aroma descriptors include guava, melon, citrus, apricot, lemon, alfalfa & peach.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: NZ  •  αA: 5-8.5%  •  βA: 5.0-5.5%  •  CoH: 25-35%  •  Oils: 0.8-1.0 mL/100g

The Motueka hop has specific aroma descriptors include distinctive fresh crushed citrus, mojito lime character, lively lemon and lime tones with background hints of tropical fruit. It also has fresh herbal notes (basil, rosemary) and hints of dried orchard fruit around the edges. Motueka was origina...

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, mojito, lemon, tropical_fruit & floral.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 4.96%  •  βA: 3.59%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: mL/100g

Shaddock hops are described by GLH has having a bright & interesting lime and grapefruit aroma that also oddly has notes of onion and garlic....

Other aroma descriptors include grapefruit, onion & garlic.

Sitiva Blend

Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 7.2-7.6%  •  βA: 4.2-4.5%  •  CoH: 27-28%  •  Oils: 0.9 mL/100g

Sitiva has ripe stone fruit, sweet floral, and soft peach flavors and aromas, as well as tropical fruit and lime character....

Other aroma descriptors include stone_fruit, floral & peach.

Southern Cross

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: NZ  •  αA: 11-14%  •  βA: 5-7%  •  CoH: 25-28%  •  Oils: 1.2-1.8 mL/100g

Southern Cross hops have aroma descriptors that include citrus and tropical fruit with hints of lemon zest, lime, pine and spice. It has excellent essential oils and low co-humulone delivering a delicate balance of citrus and spice when added at the end of boil....

Other aroma descriptors include lemon, pine, spicy, citrus, tropical_fruit & zest.

Styrian Cardinal

Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: SLO  •  αA: 8-15%  •  βA: 3.2-4.6%  •  CoH: 31-37%  •  Oils: 3.0-4.0 mL/100g

Cardinal hops are known to have a typical citrus and fruity notes as well as a harmonious flavor....

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, gooseberry, pineapple, orange, jasmine & guava.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: NZ  •  αA: 5-9%  •  βA: 5-5.5%  •  CoH: 33-40%  •  Oils: 1.0-1.5 mL/100g

Remarkable levels of citrus notes that lean towards tropical fruit characteristics, such as grapefruit, lemon and lime. It is characterized by a floral, citrus profile, with a hint of spice....

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, tropical_fruit, grapefruit, lemon, floral & spicy.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 9-12%  •  βA: 3-5%  •  CoH: 22-26%  •  Oils: 0.8-1.8 mL/100g

Triumph hops have intense and fruity aromas with prominent peach, lime, and orange, followed with suggestions of spice and pine. Triumph is more delicate than other fruit forward varieties, but still robust enough to be used in a wide range of styles....

Other aroma descriptors include spicy, pine, orange, peach, fruity & citrus.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: NZ  •  αA: 2.5-3.5%  •  βA: 4.5-5.5%  •  CoH: 22-24%  •  Oils: 1.4-1.8 mL/100g

The New Zealand Wai-iti hop is lush and fragrant with dominant notes of stone fruit (notably peach and apricot) with pleasantly intense tropical citrus tones of lime and mandarin....

Other aroma descriptors include stone_fruit, peach, apricot, citrus, mandarin & spicy.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: NZ  •  αA: 6.5-8.5%  •  βA: 8.0-8.5%  •  CoH: 28-30%  •  Oils: 0.9-1.2 mL/100g

Wakatu has a pronounced earthy-sweet floral Hallertau character underscored by tropical fruit notes. Other specific aroma descriptors include restrained floral notes and freshly zested lime....

Other aroma descriptors include floral, tropical_fruit & zest.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: GER  •  αA: 3.8%  •  βA: 3.1%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: 0.5-1.0 mL/100g

Wurttemberg is a legacy variety that carries a kaffir lime citrus and floral notes, as well as a pleasantly soft expression of pine and oregano spice....

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, floral, pine, oregano & woody.

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