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Hop Aroma: Marmalade

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Beer Maverick has found 4 hops that have been classified as having Marmalade aroma and/or flavor characteristics. The most popular secondary descriptors of this subset of hops are citrus (3), orange (2), spicy (2), hay (1) & honey (1).

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Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: NZ  •  αA: 5-6%  •  βA: 5.0-6.0%  •  CoH: 24-26%  •  Oils: 0.9-1.2 mL/100g

Pacifica has aroma descriptors that include a signature citrus orange zest marmalade; classic Hallertau characteristics with some floral notes. Moderate and highly pleasant. Orange marmalade and delicate citrus aromas come from this hop, blended with a very Old World Hallertau-esque warmth. It also ...

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, orange, floral, hay, honey, tangy & zest.


Purpose: Bittering  •  Country: UK  •  αA: 8-11.5%  •  βA: 3.3-5%  •  CoH: 28-37%  •  Oils: 0.8-1.4 mL/100g

Specific aroma descriptors of the Pilot hop include lemon, spice and marmalade. Pilot has a wonderfully refreshing, clean and crisp bittering quality....

Other aroma descriptors include lemon & spicy.


Purpose: Bittering  •  Country: UK  •  αA: 8.5-13.5%  •  βA: 4.3-5.7%  •  CoH: 35-40%  •  Oils: 1.0-1.4 mL/100g

Specific aroma descriptors of the Target hop include fresh green sage, spicy and peppery, and hints of citrus marmalade. Whirlpool or dry hop additions play up the spice character. Target offers crisp bittering and moderate alpha acids....

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, sage, spicy & pepper.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 11-14%  •  βA: 4.4-5.1%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: 0.7-2.5 mL/100g

Has intense dank and resin, jammy-orange aromas and distinctive lack of onion-garlic flavor. By manipulating the harvest timing and processing practices of CTZ hops, Zenia becomes the intersection between heavy-weight resin and orange marmalade....

Other aroma descriptors include dank, resin, orange, onion, citrus, fruity, pine & garlic.

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