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Hop Aroma: Watermelon

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Beer Maverick has found 5 hops that have been classified as having Watermelon aroma and/or flavor characteristics. The most popular secondary descriptors of this subset of hops are tropical_fruit (3), peach (3), stone_fruit (2), pear (2) & fruity (2).

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Bitter Gold

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 12-18.8%  •  βA: 4.5-8%  •  CoH: 36-41%  •  Oils: 0.8-3.9 mL/100g

Bitter Gold offers limited aroma when used as a bittering hop but delivers diverse stone and tropical fruit flavors in later additions....

Other aroma descriptors include stone_fruit, tropical_fruit, pear, grassy, grapefruit & floral.

El Dorado

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 13-17%  •  βA: 6.4-8.0%  •  CoH: 28-33%  •  Oils: 2.5-3.3 mL/100g

El Dorado hops elicit responses of fruity notes and tropical fruit flavors. When used as a bittering hop, El Dorado lends a soft and balanced bitterness. When used in later additions El Dorado brings bright tropical fruit flavors and aromas of pear, watermelon, candy and stone fruit....

Other aroma descriptors include fruity, tropical_fruit, pear, candy & stone_fruit.

Emerald Spire

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 8.6-13%  •  βA: 3.5-4.5%  •  CoH: 38-39%  •  Oils: 1.55 mL/100g

The Emerald Spire hop is pleasant, fruit forward and delicious. If the smell of the cones doesn't make your mouth water the first sip of any beer with this hop as the star of the show sure will. ...

Other aroma descriptors include peach, fruity, white_wine, grapes, bubble_gum, melon & honeydew.

Evergreen Blend

Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 7-7.5%  •  βA: 4.3-4.5%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: 1.2 mL/100g

Evergreen announces its presence with strong suggestions of fresh peach and apricot, bright citrus (lemon candy orange zest, tangerine), and watermelon candy. Green notes of fresh hay and pine needles round out a classic American craft beer hop profi le. Secondary and tertiary notes include menthol...

Other aroma descriptors include peach, apricot, lemon, green_tea & tangerine.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 10.5-13.7%  •  βA: 6.4-7.9%  •  CoH: 27-28%  •  Oils: 1.9 mL/100g

Originally nicknamed "Befuddlement" for it's unique yet unidentifiable characteristics, Hydra has emerged with an incredible ability to amplify and juice up a brew. Hydra can not only accentuate other hops characteristics but can easily shine solo. ...

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, tangerine, mandarin, zest, resin, lime, berry, peach, rose, apricot & tropical_fruit.

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