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Beer Maverick has found 18 hops that have been classified as having Dank aroma and/or flavor characteristics. The most popular secondary descriptors of this subset of hops are citrus (10), orange (7), cannabis (7), grapefruit (6) & spicy (5).

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African Queen

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: SA  •  αA: 10-17%  •  βA: 3.9-6.2%  •  CoH: 22-30%  •  Oils: 0.7-1.5 mL/100g

The aroma profile of the African Queen hop includes dank, blueberries, stone fruit, black currant, gooseberries, bubble gum, lemongrass, and chilies. This hop also works well with subtle blended beers such as those with coffee, fruit, and spices. ...

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, blueberry, stone_fruit, black_currant, gooseberry, bubblegum, cassis, lemongrass, chilies & gazpacho.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 7-11%  •  βA: 5.5-8%  •  CoH: 21-24%  •  Oils: 1-2.3 mL/100g

Amarillo hops impart a distinct flowery, spicy, tropical, citrus-like flavor and aroma in beer. The citrus has qualities of orange and lemon, like Cascade, but much stronger. Other aroma descriptors include grapefruit, melon, apricot and peach. Amarillo hops offer solid bittering properties in th...

Other aroma descriptors include floral, spicy, tropical_fruit, citrus, orange, lemon, melon, apricot, peach & grapefruit.


Purpose: Bittering  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 15-20.5%  •  βA: 5.5-8%  •  CoH: 23-28%  •  Oils: 0.8-2.5 mL/100g

Apollo is a super high-alpha variety with a low cohumulone level that makes it an excellent bittering hop. When Apollo is used toward the end of the boil it can contribute flavors and aromas of citrus (lime), grapefruit, orange, pine, resin, and cannabis....

Other aroma descriptors include citrus, grapefruit, orange, pine, resin, cannabis, lime & lemon.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 8-10.7%  •  βA: 6-8.9%  •  CoH: 39-40%  •  Oils: 2.27 mL/100g

Bergamot subtly nicknamed "O.A.F." by the brewers in the GLH Brew Group that have crafted incredible first round trial brews with this hop. There is no lack of orange in this hop. You won't need to garnish your beer with an orange slice ever again. ...

Other aroma descriptors include orange, mango, cherry, zest, lemongrass, lime, juniper, tropical_fruit, pepper & floral.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 11.5-15%  •  βA: 3.0-4.0%  •  CoH: 27-35%  •  Oils: 1-2.7 mL/100g

Chinook can be slightly spicy and have a smoky earthiness quality. It has an impressive pine and resin character, with distinct spice and grapefruit. Use sparingly in the boil as it can add a harsh bitterness if overused....

Other aroma descriptors include pine, resin, grapefruit, spicy & cannabis.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 14-18%  •  βA: 4.5-6%  •  CoH: 28-35%  •  Oils: 2.5-4.5 mL/100g

Specific aroma descriptors of the Columbus hop includes earthiness, black pepper, licorice, spice (curry) and subtle citrus. The floral and citrus notes from the Columbus hop come out in both aroma and flavor, but can be pungent. This strong flavor and aroma make the Columbus hop great for late addi...

Other aroma descriptors include earthy, black_pepper, licorice, curry, spicy, citrus, floral, pungent & cannabis.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 14.5-17%  •  βA: 4.5-5.5%  •  CoH: 28-35%  •  Oils: 2.5-4.5 mL/100g

CTZ hops have aroma descriptors that include black pepper, licorice, curry and subtle citrus....

Other aroma descriptors include black_pepper, licorice, curry, citrus & cannabis.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 17-20%  •  βA: 4.5-6%  •  CoH: 27-30%  •  Oils: 2.5-4.4 mL/100g

The Eureka hop has bold aromas of herbal notes, mint, pine, and other dark fruits. Other flavors include citrus and peach, aromas of stone fruit, blackcurrant and mandarin. Hopsteiner's Eureka! hop has high notes of fruit and citrus, but it is most well known for its herbal flavors. Coming in with a...

Other aroma descriptors include herbal, dark_fruit, mint, citrus, peach, pine, stone_fruit, black_currant & mandarin.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: AUS  •  αA: 11-16%  •  βA: 5-9%  •  CoH: 32-42%  •  Oils: 1.8-5.0 mL/100g

Galaxy hops have one of the highest concentrations of essential oils known in hops, which has contributed to its meteoric rise in popularity. Galaxy is often described as having a strong passion fruit aroma and flavor as well as blasts of clean citrus and peach. At times, you can also experience pin...

Other aroma descriptors include passion_fruit, citrus, peach, pineapple, tropical_fruit & cannabis.


Purpose: Bittering  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 3.5-4.0%  •  βA: 3.0-3.2%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: 0.25 mL/100g

Lawton hops have pungent, woody & earthy aromas, not citrusy at all, but totally dank. ...

Other aroma descriptors include pungent, woody & earthy.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 9-11%  •  βA: 8-9%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: 2.0-3.0 mL/100g

McKenzie hops are the first variety to be released by the West Coast Hop Breeding Company out of Oregon. McKenzie™ was specifically bred to be grown in Oregon and highlight the area's terroir. McKenzie is "bright and fruity" with grapefruit, lemon, nectarine, and melon aromas that is backed by pin...

Other aroma descriptors include grapefruit, lemon, nectarine, melon, pine_resin, thyme, stone_fruit & floral.


Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 8-11.7%  •  βA: 3.9-6.3%  •  CoH: 34-35%  •  Oils: 1.2-2.17 mL/100g

​Paradigm is the proud beginning of an entire movement, an industry shift that may very well revitalize what it means to commercially grow hops for Midwest Hop growers. Aromas Identified by brewers include Herbal, Peach, Pear, Dank, Tropical, Cotton Candy, Mint, Papaya, Spice, Chamomile, Catty, Sp...

Other aroma descriptors include herbal, stone_fruit, tropical_fruit, spicy, melon, candy, papaya, mint, pear & chamomile.

Southern Sublime

Purpose: Aroma  •  Country: SA  •  αA: 10.8-13.4%  •  βA: 4.9%  •  CoH: 26%  •  Oils: mL/100g

The aroma profile of Southern Sublime (N1/69) is Kool-Aid, Juicy Fruit, citrus, mango, plums, dank, and pungent. Works well with intensely hop-forward beers like modern IPAs. It also has classic noble hop character with a fruity terroir backdrop....

Other aroma descriptors include orange, plum, mango, pungent & citrus.

Sticky Fingers Blend

Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 11.92%  •  βA: 4.59%  •  CoH: 28-29%  •  Oils: 0.84 mL/100g

A blend made up of 21 purely Michigan-grown hops with huge complex aroma notes of dankness, fruitiness and spice....

Other aroma descriptors include fruity, earthy & spicy.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 11-12.5%  •  βA: 5-7%  •  CoH: 21%  •  Oils: 2.3-3.5 mL/100g

The Strata hop has many layers of different fruit flavor, dried and fresh, anchored with a dried chili-cannabis-funk. Late hot side additions using Strata bring out layers of rounded-tropical plus bright-fresh fruit flavors; dry hopping yields more grapefruit and cannabis. Other descriptors include ...

Other aroma descriptors include cannabis, grapefruit, passion_fruit, strawberry & musty.


Purpose: Bittering  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 15-17.5%  •  βA: 4.0-6.5%  •  CoH: 26-33%  •  Oils: 1.5-3 mL/100g

Summit hops' aroma descriptors include pepper, incense, anise, orange, pink grapefruit and tangerine. Summit is mainly used as a bittering hop, but does have earthy aromatic characteristics and subtle hints of citrus. Summit hops at times picks up notes of sulfur (like garlic/onion), so be careful ...

Other aroma descriptors include black_pepper, anise, incense, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, earthy, citrus, onion, garlic & cannabis.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 8.8%  •  βA: 3%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: 1.4 mL/100g

Mighty Axe’s custom growing practices create Tropica’s distinct tropical character....

Other aroma descriptors include pineapple, mandarin, orange & tropical_fruit.


Purpose: Dual  •  Country: USA  •  αA: 11-14%  •  βA: 4.4-5.1%  •  CoH: %  •  Oils: 0.7-2.5 mL/100g

Has intense dank and resin, jammy-orange aromas and distinctive lack of onion-garlic flavor. By manipulating the harvest timing and processing practices of CTZ hops, Zenia becomes the intersection between heavy-weight resin and orange marmalade....

Other aroma descriptors include resin, orange, onion, citrus, fruity, pine, marmalade & garlic.

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