Beer Maverick

Quantum Brewing, Kearny Mesa

Under new owner/brewership, Quantum is refining and adding recipes and establishing a new reputation in the old location.

This brewery was purchased by a new owner/brewer in mid-2016, so anything you heard from the time before that isn’t relevant anymore. The new owner as tweaked all the old recipes, added his own and improved brewing processes.

I had the pleasure of being served by Martin, the owner. We connected over the fact that we both love beer and science and we are both Canadians living in So Cal. He has a PhD in bioscience, which comes in handy dealing with the biology and chemistry of brewing!

Quantum was pouring 12 beers during my visit. They all have fun science-related names: Fissile Material, Boron Brown^2, Chain Reaction, etc. The Irish Red Ale is called 650 Nanometers, which is the wavelength of red light. Even a typical brewing term like Final Gravity takes on a science-y vibe here. 

I was in the mood for darker beers on my visit so I didn’t try any of the several IPAs available. I was chatting so much I didn’t take tasting notes but most everything I tried was good, with Singularity Stout and Project 99 (a brown ale) being my favorites. Solar Flare, a blood orange wheat beer that is a top seller, is also good. The beers are consistently a little more sour than I like, which may be due to the yeasts used.

The tasting room is small but nicely done. It’s in a strip mall, and it makes good use of the big glass front wall. Seating is comfortable although not extensive. The small-ish bar hides the brewing operation in the back. Parking is easy.

Martin told me he is much more interested in creating new and innovative beers rather than just replicating traditional styles. That by itself makes Quantum worth visiting for the craft beer lover. He’s also considering adding a barrel aging program in the near future, so stay tuned. Add to that the friendly service, good prices and science-y fun. Check it out!     5375 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego, CA