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SmoothHop Black IPA Recipe

This has become one of my staple brews. I originally chose this as one my first batches because my two favorite beer styles are IPAs and stouts, but also because I didn’t want to disappoint myself at first. Black IPAs (or Cascadian Dark Ales) in commercial breweries are not common for whatever reason. Because of this, I don’t have my senses dialed in to exactly what I think this particular style needs to taste like. For example, with a NEIPA, I need it to taste like Dancing Gnome and anything less would be disappointing.

It has a wonderful chocolate flavor from the malt that meshes perfectly with the juicy hops and kveik yeast. I usually bottle this beer as it tastes better as it conditions in the bottle. The sweet spot for this beer is 3+ weeks of conditioning.

Beer Stats

  • Method: BIAB / All Grain
  • Boil Time: 75 minutes
  • Batch Size: 5.5 Gallons
  • Efficiency: 81%
Original GravityFinal GravityABVIBUSRM (Color)

Grain Bill

AmountFermentableBill %
10 lbsBreiss Pale Ale Malt 2-Row77.3%
1.5 lbsFlaked Oats11.6%
8 ozWeyermann Carafa Special Type II3.9%
8 ozAmerican Chocolate Malt3.9%
4 ozAmerican Carapils (Dextrine Malt)1.9%
3 ozAmerican Roasted Barley1.4%
12.94 lbs100%


AmountVarietyTypeAA%UseTimeIBUBill %
0.40 ozApolloPellet20Boil60 min23.934.9%
0.80 ozCentennialPellet9.7Boil25 min16.149.8%
1.00 ozCitraPellet12.8Boil10 min13.8812.2%
1.50 ozColumbusPellet15.8Whirlpool @ 180° F10 min16.1418.3%
2.50 ozCitraPellet12.8Dry Hop5 days30.5%
1.00 ozColumbusPellet15.8Dry Hop5 days12.2%
1.00 ozGalaxyPellet17.8Dry Hop5 days12.2%
8.20 oz100%

The full recipe is also available on Brewer’s Friend.

Mash Guidelines

Since I was doing Brew-in-a-Bag, I steeped the mash in 5.5 gallons of water at 156° F for 60 minutes. To do this I heat up my kettle to 165° F, drop in the grain bag and make sure all dough balls are mixed out. I then put the lid on my kettle and wrap them in a couple moving blankets.

After the 60 minute timer went off, I sparged with 1.5 gallons of 170° F water for a total of 8 gallons of pre-boil wort. My pre-boil gravity was 1.055.


I underpitched and used 1.5 tablespoons of Omega Hornindal Yeast mixed into some of the first runnings of wort. The yeast and wort sat covered for about 2 hours as the rest of the brew day finished up.

I pitched at 90° F and held the temperature through the first 3 days into the 80s with a heating pad.

Brewing Notes

SmoothHop Black IPA

I added 1/2 of a campden tablet to my pre-boil wort. I did not adjust my water chemistry for this one, but I have well water and it is very drinkable and fresh tasting. My next batch, I may adjust my water to have a 150 Gypsum : 100 Calcium Chloride ratio.