Beer Maverick

Little Miss Brewing, Miramar

There’s a remarkable view from the outside of Little Miss Brewing, and some darn good beers, too.

If you can work out the timing, try to arrive just before sunset on a nice day. Order your beer, take a seat outside and enjoy one of the best views you’ll find at a brewery–certainly one of the best views from the back of a warehouse I’ve ever encountered. The “patio” (read: loading dock) faces west and you can see all the way to the ocean. Watch as the sun sets and the stars come out. It’ll be an experience you’ll remember.

Inside, the theme is WWII flying, with various pieces of military-related decoration. It is a little bit of a chaotic mish-mash, though, with furniture and decoration more or less randomly squeezed in among the brewing tanks. That’s partly because they originally opened this spot intending it to be just a production brewery. The end result of adding the tasting room to satisfy popular demand is that you certainly know you are in a working brewery when you stop by their Miramar location.

Little Miss is growing up fast: They have ambitious plans to open not just one but two tasting rooms in spring 2017, in Normal Heights and Ocean Beach. That’s ambitious since they have only been brewing since August 2016. Adding the two new tasting rooms will mean they will have a presence in three of the highest-concentration beer areas in the county: Miramar (19 breweries and tasting rooms), Ocean Beach (6 breweries and tasting rooms) and near North Park (14 breweries and tasting rooms).

I tried several of the beers and liked them. They offer a good range, including IPAs, some darker beers, and a popular sour Berliner Weisse. The prices are great, too: on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, “refill” pints are $2 (full price for first pour). Untappd average ratings are higher for most of their beers than for most beers on Untappd (according to my cursory look at the stats).     7949 Stromesa Court, Suite Y, San Diego, CA, 92126