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Mike Hess Brewing, Miramar

Mike Hess will soon be brewing again in Miramar. My 71st review! Halfway!

I love Mike Hess Brewing. It was one of the first breweries I tried when I came to San Diego, and the Mike Hess North Park location was the subject of one of my first reviews on this site. It is only fitting (though it was entirely unplanned) that the original Mike Hess Miramar location is my 71st review on this site, which marks roughly the halfway point in my yearlong quest to visit every San Diego craft brewery and tasting room. [Added 3/14/2019: Ah, hindsight. As of this update, I’ve done 214 reviews. Of the 204 currently open places, there are seven I haven’t yet been to yet. Plus there are over 30 new places in planning! I certainly didn’t get it all done in a year.]

The location in Miramar is fairly small and simply done with patios front and back, some seating inside and a ping pong table. If the two garage doors were closed out front you might just think it was a storage locker. The noise from the jets at the nearby Marine Corps Air Station was quite loud during my visit, which takes a bit away from sitting outside.

The beer list during my visit had about 12 options, all of which I had tried before. I ended up going for one of my favorites, Umbrix, a wonderful rye imperial stout that is deep and delicious; I rate it a 4.5/5, one of the highest ratings I’ve ever given. Habitus, a “rye-PA,” is also excellent (4.5/5, too). In fact, just about everything I’ve ever had from Mike Hess has been great. I feel like they brew exactly to my tastes. The service is always good and the bartenders know their beers.     7955 Silverton Avenue, San Diego, CA  92126