Beer Maverick

Border X Brewing, Barrio Logan

Border X Brewing in Barrio Logan offers Mexican-inspired beers in a relaxed tasting room, plus tacos. #craftbeer #sandiego

It is a short trip from Alta Brewing to Border X, and from Border X to Iron Fist Brewing in Barrio Logan. Once Thorn Brewing‘s Barrio Logan tasting room is open, you’ll be able to hit all four in just a 0.9 mile walk! That rivals the density if not the sheer number of craft beer locations in North Park (where you can visit 14 breweries and tasting rooms in 2.7 miles–not including all the great craft beer bars). 

And the trip to Border X is definitely worth it. They call themselves a Mexican brewery, and the décor is clearly Mexican-inspired, down to the framed Mexican comic book covers in the restroom. I really like the tin ceiling. Several of the beers have Mexican flavor additions.

Horchata Golden Stout (9.5% ABV). Interesting. I’ve not seen a horchata golden stout before. Very tasty. The cinnamon is not overpowering and it fits the malt and hop profiles well. 3.75/5

Blood Saison (7.5% ABV). While Saison isn’t my favorite style, in this case the Saison yeast flavors are understated and meld beautifully with the blood orange. This is very popular on Untappd, reaching almost a 4 star average rating.  3.25/5

Caballo Dorado (Coffee Cream Ale, 8.9% ABV). Totally unexpected. Looks like an IPA, drinks like a great coffee stout.  3.75/5

Abuelitas Chocolate Stout (6% ABV). There’s a coffee note as well as chocolate. It is a solid stout.  3.5/5

I have seen some interesting beer flight trays on my quest. Border X’s has to be near the top of the list: It is shaped like a stylized macuahuitl (the Aztec war club). I imagine that takes bar fights to a whole new level.

Service was good–the bartender was someone I happened to have met a few weeks ago at Alpine Beer Company, so that was a neat coincidence.

The crowd seems to be mostly locals and regulars, at least on a Thursday around 4pm. The vibe is chill and friendly.

Like Mastiff Sausages inside North Park Brewing, or Sublime Kitchen inside the Rip Current North Park tasting room, Border X’s beer garden is home to Tury’s Tacos. The tacos are excellent, and the prices are low. Really nice guy on the grill, too.

Border X’s brewing and tasting rooms are all under one roof now on Logan Street; if you have been to a previous Border X location, that other one is no longer there. Parking is on the street.     2181 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113