Beer Maverick

Is it okay to enjoy beer in a tragedy?

Even in an emergency situation caused by a pandemic, we have a duty to enjoy life. Practice moderation, don’t let fear rule you, follow the science.

We are all aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergency situation it is causing in the US and around the world. Every moment the news seems to get worse. People are suffering and dying, political leaders are failing us, the economy is in free fall, and so many people are out of work, including our friends in the brewing industry.

One of the few bright spots has been Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directly addressing kids.

With so much bad happening, is it wrong to take personal enjoyment in craft beer? Isn’t it a frivolous, selfish thing to do?

I say no. I say, finding ways to continue to enjoy life, despite the bad that is happening, is fundamentally human. It is an expression of hope for the future, not of disdain for present suffering. It is one way to stay level and grounded, and to feel like everything is going to be okay even though everything is going to be so very different and probably difficult for a pretty long time.

I’m not talking about binge drinking to oblivion to avoid thinking about things, I’m talking about not giving up our humanity. We can keep away from other humans for months, but we still need the small joys.

In fact, I make a case in this piece about Beer and the Good Life, that some philosophers would argue that we have a moral duty to enjoy our lives, including having aesthetic experiences like enjoying beer.

Speaking of binge drinking to oblivion, don’t do that. It is never a good idea, and it also weakens your immune system. Some interesting tidbits on that in this Forbes piece.

As always, moderation is a good idea. Stick to two standard drinks per day, as I discussed in this piece from last year.