Beer Maverick

Wavelength Brewing Co, Vista

Astronomy-themed Wavelength Brewing is a good location, but the beer needs work.

{Update April 2, 2019: See my article in Coast News about Wavelength. The sciencey-fun is still there since my review below, and the beer has improved a lot. Definitely worth a visit when you are touring the five (soon to be six) breweries and tasting rooms in Downtown Vista.}

Mother Earth forms one end of an “L” with Wavelength Brewing in the middle and Belching Beaver Tavern and Grill anchoring the other end. That makes for a very high density of breweries in this little area, and an easy three-stop beer tour on Main Street in Vista. That’s how I spent my Wednesday afternoon this week.

Wavelength Brewing Company occupies a large space with a huge skylight over the middle of the seating area. The first thing you’ll notice as you walk up are the large telescopes in the window, and on the inside the walls are plastered with posters, informational signs, artwork and movie memorabilia related to space and astronomy. It is pretty cool. They even have a TV above the bar with a live feed of NASA’s web channel for the International Space Station, showing you where it is in its orbit over the Earth.

That theme is right up my alley–in my professional life, I am a professor with a research interest in the history and philosophy of astronomy. The Star Wars memorabilia dotted around the place is cool, too.

When I visited in June of 2017, I was underwhelmed by the beer. But when I returned in April 2019, the beer had improved markedly. I tried six things and all were good, with one outstandingly good. I know the owner’s focus is on continual improvement, so you won’t be disappointed by a visit here, especially if you like the science-y theme.

Wavelength may simultaneously suffer and benefit from being a couple of doors down from Mother Earth Brew Co. (which I reviewed here) and across the street from Belching Beaver (which I reviewed here). Wavelength suffers by comparison, in that their beers aren’t quite as good as their world-class neighbors’ beers. The contrast may make Wavelength’s beers seem less good than they objectively are. Wavelength benefits by proximity, however, I would guess, in that a good deal of their business probably comes from being next to places where beer geeks flock.

It is a fun place with good people and good beer, definitely worth your time.     236 Main St, Vista, CA 92084