Beer Maverick

Rough Draft Brewing, Sorrento Valley

Worth visiting for both beer and food.

Rough Draft could be called “final draft” if the name were trying to represent the quality of the beers and the experience here. It is all quite polished.

Hop Therapy (IPA, 9% ABV). Light amber color, BIG hops flavor emphasizing floral and pine with an undernote of funk. 3.5/5

The large, open room has plenty of seating, and the long bar is welcoming.

Kazbek Eraser (IPA, 7& ABV). Straw color. It has a very unusual hops profile. Different is good, but I don’t think kazbek hops will be the next big thing. 3/5

I was very impressed with the service. The bartender was engaging, friendly, eager to help with beer selection.

Barrel Aged Freudian Sip (Strong Ale, 10% ABV). The bourbon is strong with this one. Nice raisin note, sharp alcohol flavor.  3.25/5

The beer list is good, with a wide variety of styles and about 12 beers on tap while I was there.

Alemint Stout (5.8% ABV). The fresh mint is subtle and beautifully complements the cocoa and roasted malts. It is a good base stout, they are not trying to cover anything up with added flavoring agents. 3.5/5

The food on offer is good, too. I ordered two sausages from the appetizer section of the menu and it was way more than I could eat. 

Overall this spot is worth a visit, even with so many other good options available in neighboring “Beeramar.”     8830 Recho Rd, Suite D, San Diego, CA 92121