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Jacked Up Brewery, Escondido

Jacked Up is one of only four #craftbreweries in Escondido. It is a bright comfortable space with a diner/Route 66 vibe and some pretty good #beer. #sdbeer #sdcraftbeer #craftbeer

Escondido would make a great example for economists to talk about why averages are often not very informative. It is probably fair to say that Jacked Up is an average brewery in Escondido. But the range in size is from Stone World Bistro & Gardens, one of the largest in the county, to Escondido Brewing, the smallest with just a one-barrel system. I’ll have to update this later to tell you about what the average in *quality* is, after I visit Plan 9 Alehouse (which occasionally brews its own beer) and Escondido Brewing Company.

The old timey diner/Route 66 design aesthetic is well executed, and this fairly small space is bright and comfortable. Unlike a lot of other breweries, you can’t easily see the brew system from the tasting room. Food trucks make regular appearances. Service is excellent and they have a nice variety of beers. They were pouring 12 different beers on my visit (plus a thirteenth barrel-aged variety that was for members only). According to the website, every beer they sell has won awards at homebrew competitions up and down the west coast. 

The four beers I tasted ranged from good to very good. My favorite was Escondido Honey, a pale ale with honey (naturally). It has a dominant biscuit/saltine flavor. The honey is a good addition but it is not too sweet and it is a very “clean” beer, well made. I rated it 3.75/5.

Jacked Up Brewery is a worthwhile stop on your beer tour of Escondido.     800 W. Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025