Beer Maverick

Belching Beaver Brewing Co., Vista

Belching Beaver’s original location in #Vista, with a fun tasting room. The beer is good, some of it very good. #craftbeer #SanDiego

I accidentally went in the back door and thought the place was empty. It wasn’t till I turned the corner past the restroom and the brewing tanks that I saw it was, in fact, quite full. It is an interesting space, kind of like being outside camping (according to their own description). I liked the feel of the place even though the finishes aren’t the high-polish, sophisticated ones I usually prefer (like what you see at, say Ebullition Brew Works in Vista or the Second Chance Beer Lounge in North Park). There is plenty of seating, and the huge garage door lets in light and air in that brewery-in-a-commercial-space way anyone who visits breweries regularly will know well.

I’ve had plenty of Belching Beaver beer since I moved to San Diego in summer 2016. Their Peanut Butter Stout is ubiquitous in stores and at bars.  I happen to like the one from Bear Roots Brewing Co. better, but so far that place only has a very small production. The Belching Beaver version is popular for a good reason, of course: It is a very tasty beer. On this trip I just had one pint:

Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout (Milk Stout, 7.5% ABV). Good. A little too sweet and the chocolate doesn’t really come through except as richness. I expected cinnamon but detected none.  3.75/5

This location is worth checking out. Belching’s beers are reliably good, some of them very good. And there is a huge wooden carving of a beaver in the tasting room, and that’s worth the trip just by itself.     980 Park Center Dr, Vista, CA 92081