Beer Maverick

Newtopia Cyder, Scripps Ranch

Newtopia Cyder won two of the three medals in the “Specialty Cider” class at the 2017 San Diego International Beer Competition. Impressive, especially for a cidery that has only been open a few months.

Yes, I know cider is not beer. This is still a local craft alcoholic beverage company, and they make delicious products you should try.

I dropped by Newtopia Cyder with some friends on a brewery crawl a while back, when Newtopia was in a soft opening phase. Now they are fully open (and I’m not as inebriated as before), I’m back to taste their wares again and give my full review. 

Fuji La La La (6.3% ABV). A single-varietal, single-origin cider. Wonderful flavor, crisp, with a Belgian-tasting yeast that really works. 4/5

It’s a cool space. Polished concrete and well finished woods with some nice tile work behind the bar. Very comfortable. There’s a stack of 8 barrels in the front room and big fermenters just around the corner from the bar. There’s a little patio on the street, and sufficient parking in the lot at the side. 

My Darling Clementine (6.5% ABV). Citrus peel and clementines. Tart and refreshing. The hazy pink color is called “La Jolla Sunset” on the board. 3.5/5

Grab a hot pastrami from TD’s Place deli across the street then pop into Newtopia Cyder for lunch. The cider goes wonderfully with rye bread and pastrami.

Semi-sweet (5.8% ABV). The mint didn’t come through for me, but it is crisp and dry. This just won a bronze at the 2017 San Diego International Beer Competition.  3.75/5

All the staff I met were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I love going to places where the staff are fully bought-in. Flights of four 4oz samples are served on a semi-finished rough pine plank. (It’s a little hefty, watch out!)  Prices are reasonable.

Belgian Pineapple (8.2% ABV) Randalled with root beer botanicals. This should be a regular offering, they could sell a lot of it, but so far it is just a one-off in the Randall (a flavor infuser, like they use at Pariah Brewing). WIth the botanicals, this reminds me of a Ricola throat lozenge, but in a really good way. 4.25/5

The place fills up just about every day after work for happy hour, I was told. Folks who work in the area like it and I can see why.

Sleepless in Sumatra (5.8% ABV). The Mostra coffee (used in lots of beer collaborations, too) comes through really nicely. I wasn’t expecting coffee to work with cider but it really does. 3.5/5

I will definitely be back–for the tasty beverages, the chill vibe and the great staff. Word to the wise: the four core ciders are available to go in crowlers!     10045 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92131