Beer Maverick

Modern Times Invigatorium, East Village

The Invigatorium is really about coffee, but they have six Modern Times beer taps, too. This tasting room joins a thriving craft beer scene in East Village.

The Invigatorium is really a coffee spot, but it has a full bar and an abbreviated Modern Times beer list (six taps). Food is available, too.

Located directly across the street from craft beer bar Knotty Barrel and its brewery Knotty Brewing, the Invigatorium adds to an already exciting and dense craft beer neighborhood. The East Village area of downtown is now home to eleven breweries and tasting rooms, with two more on the way. See my East Village Beer Tour for more details.

The place looks lovely. For art, there’s a cool Post-It mural of a fire-breathing Godzilla, a large dragon statue and another of a huge velociraptor with a crown of pink flowers. The interior design and finishes are the sort of hip, modern thing you would expect if you’ve been to the Modern Times Encinitas location. This one is even better, except that there isn’t as much seating and the seating isn’t as comfortable as expected. That said, it is the sort of place you will enjoy hanging out and working on your laptop, or chatting with a friend.

Because of the coffee, this location is open 7am to 7pm. If you want to include this stop on you beer crawl, day drinking or starting here in the evening are the orders of the day.     631 Ninth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101