Beer Maverick

Eppig Brewing Waterfront Biergarten, Point Loma

Eppig Brewing’s Waterfront Biergarten in Point Loma might be the nicest setting for enjoying #craftbeer in #SanDiego. 

It is hard to imagine a nicer setting for enjoying craft beer. Eppig’s new building is modern in design, with open walls on three sides that let in plenty of air and light. The deck seating wraps around two sides. The third side currently has standing room though I gather they will soon put up some canvas shades and add seating on that side, too.

And the view! The water laps against the shore right beneath the deck. There are hundreds of boats tied up at the surrounding docks and mooring balls, and the San Diego Bay glints in the background. If you don’t have an Instagram account, you’ll want to create one just so you can post pictures showing how great your beer looks with water and boats in the background.

Speaking of the beer, it is very good. Eppig was good from the time they opened their North Park location, and it seems to me that they are continuing to get better and better. Eppig is perhaps best known for their lagers, but everything they make is solid.

Tootie Frootie (Sour Ale, 6.3% ABV). Lots of fruit flavor with a pleasant (not overpowering) sourness. 3.5/5

Count Maltula (Imperial Milk Stout, 8% ABV). Malty and sweet, just as advertised, with deep roasted malts for extra yumminess. 3.75/5

Wake Up & Slay (IPA, 7.9%). This hop profile is not my favorite, but a lot of people seem to like it. My 3.25/5 is noticeably lower than the Untappd average of 3.73/5.

Natural Bridge: Baltic Porter (9.1% ABV). The Natural Bridge series of lagered beers is always reliable. This one is clean, crisp, malty and not too heavy. 3.75/5

Granite City (Scottish Export Ale, 5.4% ABV). Malty, sweet, a little bite. 3.5/5

The bartender on our weekend afternoon visit was really nice (even let me charge my phone behind the bar) and helpful in selecting beers.

You have to walk around the building to get to either of the two gender-neutral restrooms (accessible with a key you get from the bar), but they are nicely designed and clean.

Parking is the only possible complaint about this place. Use the paid lot (amazingly, it is cash only, no cards) and walk the few hundred yards to the location. You’ll pass some quaint though touristy shops along the way, which will help put you in the coastal mood. The alternative is to park at the metered lot at Shelter Island Dr and Anchorage Ln and walk three minutes.     2817 Dickens St, San Diego, CA 92106