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Little Miss Brewing, Normal Heights

The Little Miss Brewing tasting room in Normal Heights is pub-like and a good spot to grab a pint. Or two.

The Little Miss tasting room in Normal Heights is a neat spot. The huge British flag painted on the ceiling and the WWII British propaganda posters on the wall makes everything feel pub-like. We need more spots like this in San Diego. Even the door to the restroom is painted to resemble an English phone booth. The nice long bar has seating on two sides. It was pretty quiet on a weekday around lunch time when I dropped in, but apparently it gets quite busy on weekend nights. It is just three blocks or so east of Blind Lady Ale House, so if you are in the North Park/Normal Heights area this would be a good spot to add to your beer crawl.



I have had Little Miss beer before, when I visited their brewery in Miramar (I liked it: here’s my review). They were pouring about a dozen beers in Normal Heights when I was there, including several variations each of the SMASH pale ale and Patton porter. On this occasion I had a couple of pints rather than a flight, comparing a vanilla and a coffee version of the porter, the base version of which I liked on my visit to the main brewery.

Patton Porter with Vanilla (5.1% ABV). The vanilla is subtle; the base beer is flavorful. It has a creamy head and good color. 3.5/5

Patton Porter with Coffee (5.1% ABV). The coffee flavor is good; this might be even a bit better than the vanilla version. The bartender told me this was his favorite beer they are pouring right now. 3.75/5

I knew I recognized my bartender, though I couldn’t quite place him. “Internet” came to mind at one point, but I felt like that was too vague (or implied some sort of innuendo…) so I didn’t ask him about it. A couple of hours later it popped into my head: the What’s On Draft video series. It was Aaron, the red-bearded one who looks like the descendent of a Viking—especially in this hilarious video, in which he plays a character from Game of Thrones.  The video also inculdes a nice moment when a bunch of craft brewers give a “10 Barrel Salute” (about 3:15 in). Anyway, Aaron and I had a nice time chatting about the latest issue of West Coaster and various other San Diego craft beer topics.

The Little Miss tasting room is the sort of place where you could happily day-drink your sunny San Diego summer afternoon away and be perfectly happy.     3514 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116