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Prise de Mousse Wine Yeast Yeast from Lallemand

Prise de Mousse Wine Yeast (EC-1118)

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From: Lallemand
Type: Yeast  •  Packet: Dry
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. bayanus

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Lalvin EC-1118 is the perfect yeast for sparkling, fruity wines or to make cider. Ideal for low temperature fermentation and fast fermentation. Lalvin EC-1118 (AKA Prise de Mousse / Saccharomyces bayanus) Champagne yeast is a low foaming, vigorous and fast fermenter good for both reds and whites. It is also ideal for ciders and sparkling wines. A very competitive yeast that will inhibit wild yeasts. It will restart stuck fermentations because of good alcohol and sulfite tolerance. EC-1118 yeast is a very neutral strain that will have very little effect on the varietal character of the grape. A popular strain that ferments fully and flocculates well producing compact lees. Good for cooler fermentations. Champagne, dry reds, whites, ciders and sparkling.


Brewing Properties of Prise de Mousse Wine Yeast

The functional properties of brewing yeasts have a direct impact on the performance, quality and economics of the resulting beer.

Alcohol Tolerance
The alcohol tolerance determines the ABV at which yeast cells go dormant and stop fermenting.
Attenuation refers to the percentage of sugars converted to alcohol and carbon dioxide, as measured by specific gravity.
Flocculation refers to the tendency of yeast to form clumps called "flocs" that drop in order to make the beer clear.
Optimal Temperature
The optimal temperature is the range in which the yeast performs best without putting off any off-flavors. Pitching the yeast into wort usually happens at the low end of the temperature range.
50-86° F
(10-30° C)

Common Beer Styles using Prise de Mousse Wine Yeast

These are the most popular beer styles that make use of the Prise de Mousse Wine Yeast yeast:

Wine, Cider & Champagne

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