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Tennessee Local Homebrew Stores

These are the local homebrew supply stores within the state of Tennessee. Supporting your local supply store will not only help a local business, but also likely get you much fresher ingredients faster.

Good Shepherd Health Foods

 •  (931) 526-4860

Mid-South Malts Inc.  •   •  (901) 682-1293

Full service shop with beer, wine, and distilling supplies. As you brew so shall you drink.

Ferment Station  •   •  (865) 694-7993

Brew Market & Beer Garden  • 

Lil Ole Winemaker Shoppe  •   •  (800) 615-3522

Murfreesboro Wine & Spirits  •   •  (615) 907-9000

The Grog  •   •  (931) 221-2818

The Grog Home Brew Shop, your one stop shop for all your home beer and wine making needs. Follow us on Facebook!

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