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Kansas Local Homebrew Stores

These are the local homebrew supply stores within the state of Kansas. Supporting your local supply store will not only help a local business, but also likely get you much fresher ingredients faster.

What's Brewin' LLC  •  (316) 263-1342

Brew Bros Hops and Sprockets  •   •  (785) 537-3737

We're your local homebrewing supply and bicycle repair emporium! Homebrewing supplies and bike repair? We DID know we couldn't do that.

Brew Lab  •   • 

Bacchus and Barleycorn Ltd  •   •  (913) 962-2501

Fast, friendly, personalized service since 1968. Full line of fresh ingredients for home beer, wine, mead, cider, and cheese makers. Your home fermentation specialists.

Homebrew Pro Shoppe  •   •  (913) 768-1090

For all your brewing equipment and supply needs!

Cottin's Hardware & Rental  •   •  (785) 843-2981

Cottin's Hardware & Rental added brewing supplies to their selection in 2018. They stock a full line of yeasts, grains, hops and equipment. If they don't have what you need, they will order it!

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